• 5 Rounds
  • 5 Courses (Renny Black, Hornets Nest, Eastway (Shorts), Sugaw, & Kilborne)
  • 1 Day, JUNE 4th, 2011

$15 for CDGC Members, $20 for non-members.  Registration at 7 am at Renny.

1) All teams start at Renny. You must play Renny first then the remaining courses in any       order you wish.
2) You must play all 5 courses AND the holes must be played in numerical order. You can       start on any hole you wish, but the course must be played in sequence.
NO skipping around allowed.
3) You must finish with at least 3 members of the team you start with.
4) Teams must be at least 3 but no more than 4 players.
5) No team may start after 8:00 am. We will open registration at 7:00 am                                  Saturday. Teams can start after they are registered.
6) Scorecards will be turned in at Elizabeth Billiards, 1400 Central Ave.

If you don’t have teammates, come out anyway. We usually have a few players come that aren’t on a team and can either match you up then or put you with a threesome.

Oh, I almost forgot Rule #7: HAVE FUN!

And this time it counts for points for singles. You must finish all 5 courses to get points.

There will be at least 5 Divisions:
Women (we will divide you into Intermediate and Advanced if enough register)
Men’s Open
Pro Masters

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