Meeting Minutes

Minutes from July 12, 2004 – CDGC Club meeting:

Attendees: Ralph Vickers, Sam Nicholson, Bill Jacobson, Dave Marchant, Alan
Beaver, Tripp Cole, Doug Singleton, Wit

1) $am ‘Money Bag$’ Nichol$on’$ update:
$1059 balance (not including PB monies raised)

2) Courses Updates:
Kilborne: All good
Reedy Creek: Tripp, Ralph and Bill J fixed Tee 6. Great Job!
Hornet’s Nest: All good
Renny: No Rob, Ralph and Dave Gray spent a lot of time weed whacking. Top
looks good.
Sugaw Creek: Stan has talked to Parks & Rec. Proposed a layout for an
additional 9 holes that will take minimal work to get in the ground. Will pull
baksets from Cordelia and move to Sugaw. Needs to get in front of a quorum as
next step.

3) Jonathan Poole asked Bill to rally the troops for support for USDGC
volunteers. Jonathan has been invited to our next meeting to give his input.

4) Dave discussed plans for the “Disc Golfers For Cancer” marathon fund raiser
to support the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The event will be at the Nest. Need
final permission and waivers and security for night time portion. Dave footed
the bill for the merchandize.

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