Meeting Minutes

Minutes from May 10, 2004 – CDGC Club meeting:

Ralph Vickers, Bill Jacobson, Sam Nicholson, Dave Marchant, Doug Singleton and
the lovely, Rob Kelly, Wit, Joy4lly, Barry Luker, Kelli McClerin, Todd Stewart,
Zeb Campbell, Alan Beaver

1) Club Officers:
Voted on and approved unanimously.

2) $am ‘Money Bag$’ Nichol$on’$ update:
$1219.55 in the bank after all is said and done

3) World’s Biggest: Weather and Park Watch conspired against us but it was still
a break-even event financially.
We now need to jump through the hoops of government to be able to hawk any
merchandise for any reason at the parks – even fund raisers and charity. Alan
Beaver (big wig in Parks & Rec) will be a big asset in this. Alan also suggested
that Parks & Rec suggested the club getting a $1M insurance policy for our
events. PDGA events have their own insurance.

4) Courses Updates:
Kilborne 8 short collar still damaged. Other than that, all pins will be in the
short for the Iron Man event this Saturday – I am not sure these guys really
want to be true ironmen :
Sugaw – Parks & Rec are cleaning up this Sat.
Squirrel Lake – Ralph is meeting with them this Wednesday. Hopefully progress
will be made.

5) Membership: Gold Membership has been bumped to $40 from $35 due to price of
fundraiser candy plastic that is included.

6) Points Bonanza:
Due to higher fees and payout thresholds per event set by the PDGA, all events
will be C-Tier. We were hoping for B-Tier for Sat & Sun, but we do not want to
price the event out of many people’s range.
Lots of discussion about fund raising and sponsorship. That will be formalized
in an email and sent out to the club mailing list.

7) Disc Golfers for Cancer – 24 hr Charity Event
We will be hosting. Dave Marchant is point man/TD. Potentially will be held 7/24.

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