Meeting Minutes

Minutes from Mar 8, 2004 – CDGC Club meeting:

Attendees: Ralph, Sam, Barry, Kelly, Bill, Tripp and the missus, Doug, Dave

1) Course Directors clarified:
Hornets Nest – Michael Johansen
Kilborne – Barry Luker
Reedy Creek – Bill Jacobson
Renny – Stan McDaniel
These are the point guys to whom questions, concerns and suggestions should
be brought. Issues such as layout, safety, maintenance, Parks & Rec interaction,
and posting on course bulletin boards are among their primary concerns.

2) Club Officer status:
Interim Prez – Ralph Vickers – 704.566.0221,
Interim VP – Bill Jacobson – (cryptic, ey?)
Interim $-Dude – $am Nichol$on –
Interim Info Guy – Dave Marchant – 704.905.4070,
Votes and other coronation formalities will happen in the next couple of

3) Dollar details:
$am $ays that we have $400+ in the bank and that does not include membership dues
that DiscLanding has collected. These funds are directed at course
maintenance (more below).
Also of note, plastic will no longer be given out to Ams at club events. Instead
DiscLanding merchandise $’s will be awarded. Pro’s will get cash. Hopefully this
will allow everyone to get plastic that they want all the while caring for the
hands that care for us (DL).

4) Club events update:
Bill J announced the “Spring Fling” at Reedy to be held on 3/21. Announcements
will be plastered at the courses and on this web site lickity split.

5) Kilborne update:
The club commends and thanks Barry Luker for his selfless efforts in maintaining
the course. Kudos Dude! Tripp Cole, of course, is included in this too. Look for
great things to continue to come from them.
In an attempt to have the course in rare form for the Points Bonanza (June), ideas
were thrown around for maintenance ideas. Barry will formalize those and give input
on how to maximize the success of upcoming work days.
Discussion was held on alternate pins and formalizing A, B, and C standard course
set ups.
Ideas were bantered about on how to deal with non-DG traffic on fairways (soccer
on #3, walkers etc on #4 and #7). Safety and harmony in these multi-purpose parks
are the club’s #1 agenda surrounding this issue. Ideas were discussed like signage
both for DG’ers and others (bi-lingual maybe?), alternate fairway for #3, cultural
sensitivity training, IRS and INS implications, and other stuff.

6) Reedy Crik Update:
Bill Jacobson (Course Director) has plans up his sleeves for major improvements
primarily to eliminate broken ankles. There is a lot of tee box erosion that needs
to be fixed properly with railroad ties and gravel. He will be contacting Parks &
Rec for the gravel and coming up with a plan that we can execute faster than state
workers. Be expecting upcoming requests for some intensive manual labor work days.

7) 9 Holers (Sugaw, Veterans, Cordelia)
***REQUEST*** Course Caretakers are needed to volunteer to do bi-weekly maintenance
in an effort to make these courses more attractive and playable. These individuals
will work with the club for any larger needs for maintenance and man power.
In the event that efforts to pick up DG traffic in these parks does not work, the
club may be contacting Parks & Rec to see if they really want DG in these parks. The
baskets could well be used elsewhere to create courses that will get more traffic.

8) Next meeting:
April 12. Same bat time, same bat pizza.
This space is reserved for the agenda for that meeting. In the future, the hope is
that we will close each meeting with a discussion of the next meeting’s agenda. That
way, all you faithful readers will know what to expect should you be inspired to
join us. You are encouraged and welcomed to do just that!

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