Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes from March 2003

Renny – 1000 ft holes – Stan chainsawed a bunch. Looking for a bench spot for the 11th tee.

Saturday work day at 10:00am at Renny (softball parking lot)

Motion: Fall finale Ams at Hornets, Pros at Renny. All in favor said Aye. Unanimous.

Crazy Renny course! Stan is evil. Pros will have a nightmare of a time dealing with new Renny
configuration. Very few deuce possibilities. Nasty stuff.

Take tags to Raleigh and sell em. 10 possibly.

Hornet’s Nest will lose #7. Creek reclamation. Hopefully the reclaimers will pay for
new tee pads. New holes potentially behind tennis courts.

McAlpine park baskets (2) are missing/lost. Not sure what can be done about it.

Wednesday singles following the DLD schedule. Tuesday doubles at Reedy, Wednesday
singles at Reedy. Payout in plastic

DX plastic for club events, trade in at DL if not wanted. $2 trade up fee. Limit the
discs to putters, midrange, a few key drivers. Not the entire line…

Club CE Disc for membership? Lottery for $XXX at end of the year, you get a “ticket”
at every club event you attend.

Maps on the website. Must try to get em from Innova. Or make them. Stan gets lots
of emails about people traveling to town to play.

$1 fee for non club members at club events… rephrased to be a dollar discount for
club members. Mre appealing. Matt is the marketing genius who came up with that one.

William Davies. Sponsorship package. Speculation on ways to raise money for the course.

Adopt a hole. Create a to do list for that hole. X number of tasks. Do it and you get
something. A cool disc? A plaque? Must be done by a certain time. Points Bonanza, Fall Finale…

Hole by hole assessments.

Josh B’s cash tournament should be donating a dollar per player to the club.

Motion: Bid for Am Worlds 2005. Exploratory committee.All in favor, Aye, unanimous.
Where do we play? courses, TDs, etc. etc.

Reedy Creek – Need to work on some trouble spots. Gravel to the bad spots.

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